Tuesday, September 11, 2007

eSchool News Describes New NCLB Legislation

eSchool News online - House draft would overhaul ed-tech funding
Educational technology advocacy groups are applauding the release of another House proposal to renew the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) that would direct funds toward training teachers in the use of technology and would help schools with low-income students buy computers and software, among other measures...The measure seeks to improve the current law's Title II, Part D, "Enhancing Education Through Technology" (EETT) block-grant program, which is the largest single source of federal funding for school technology, by improving support for disadvantaged schools and ensuring that teachers are equipped to use technology effectively. It focuses a larger percentage of funds on professional development, prioritizes funding for schools in need of improvement, and requires states to assess whether students have achieved technological literacy by the eighth grade.

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RC Teacher said...

This is good news. Teacher education should be at the top the the list when it comes to technology. In most cases, students are way ahead of the average teacher when it comes to technology, especially the Web 2.0 tools. Rapid City schools used to have it going on with their Instructional Technology Specialists. A great program that just needed some tweaking. Instead they can the entire program. Since then, technology usage in local schools has gone down. Time to right the ship again. Give classroom teachers the ontime help they need!