Saturday, March 15, 2008

37 Tips and Tricks to Ignite Learning

Doug McPhee from Coast Consultare offered a highly interactive session giving teachers tips and tricks for their classroom. However, as a leader and a professional development provider, this session had great application and was well worth the time.

Activities fell into three areas: Energizers (building the emotional environment); Processing Content (Building Personal Competence) or Integrating (Building Commitment).

Several of the tips were modeled after Garmston's Adaptive Schools and others were ones we have used. However, most were new to us and involved reflection and dialogue. Some examples include: Note to self, handshake-handshake-handshake; using boomerangs and using music.

Doug McPhee suggested as a resource.

Pam and Barb

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Patti said...

I attended your ASCD session on the 37 tricks to ignite learning. You mentioned that we could find the detailed description of the activity if we visited this site. I can't find that information. Could you please let me know how to access this. Thanks