Saturday, March 15, 2008

Alma Powell - ASCD Featured Speaker

It was exciting to attend ASCD's feature presentation of Alma Powell (Colin Powell's wife). If you have heard Colin Powell speak, you would have also enjoyed Alma's message. She spoke about the Whole Child; Whole Community. The one quote that made us truly stop and think today was, "Our kids are not failing, we are failing our kids." When Alma speaks of we, she has a heavy emphasis on not only the school, but also the community as a whole failing our children - we all need to come together to protect our children and our future. Alma has worked with high security issues in regard to our nation, but spoke about how educators are the security of our children and we need to step up and protect them.

Pam and Barb


Pam Lange said...

ASCD's SmartBrief reported:

Alma Powell's Five Promises
Educators as national security experts? Yes, according to Alma Powell, chair of the America's Promise Alliance, who delivered the keynote address during the opening general session of ASCD's 63rd Annual Conference and Exhibit Show in New Orleans. Educators, Powell said, are some the world's most influential people, for they shape the course, prosperity, and security of nations.

Powell said it's unacceptable to sit by while millions of young people fail to complete high school, fail to get a healthy start, or get into trouble because they don't have safe places to go. To that end, the Alliance has developed three National Action Strategies geared toward raising high school completion rates and ensuring that high school graduates are ready for college and the workforce.

Go Where the Kids Are: Using schools as hubs for delivering a range of services to disadvantaged young people from caring adults who know them by name
All Kids Covered: Ensuring that low-income children receive the Medicaid or S-CHIP health care coverage they are eligible to receive Ready for the Real World: Engaging middle-school students in service learning and career exploration opportunities so they are motivated to succeed in school and life.

Anonymous said...

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~Laura essays for sale said...

I think Alma Powell is the co-chair of America's Promise, an alliance of national organizations dedicated to teaching today's youth