Sunday, April 6, 2008

21st Century Skills for Administrators

Kris Baldwin lead this in-depth session on how school administrators can use technology successfully in their school districts and buildings. One area of interest included finding out about people through websites such a My Space, Facebook, and Bedo or looking at teacher certification. Another good way to find out about someone is to "Google" their name. But, make sure that you put "quotes" around their name to narrow your search.

Kris also discussed how students are Digital Natives and we are Digital Immigrants. The students are changing, we need to learn how to change with them, and connect with them digitally. She helped us to create and use wikispaces,, and Blogs. These programs will meet students at their level, as well as helping teachers collaborate when they can't be together in the same room at the same time.

Kris has a wealth of information on her wikispace. Make sure to check out all of this digital information and begin connecting with your staff and students at a new and different level!

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gsteele said...

Kris connected administrators with 21st century skills during this session, referencing both the NCREL/Meteri model and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Framework. She used these frameworks and several video clips to illustrate characteristics of students in our classrooms today. Kris workshop would be a nice addition to the Classroom Connections professional development for administrators.