Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Making Kids Googlable

On his weblogg-ed, Will Richardson askes administrators:

[...if you are Googling people who you might want to teach at your school, what are you doing to insure the kids in your classrooms are “Googled well” when they go for their own interviews? And I don’t just mean telling them NOT to post certain things online. I mean what are you doing to help students shape their online portfolios so that when their future employers or future mates run the search, what they find is not just a lack of negatives but a potential plethora of positives? Not surprisingly, the answer is basically “not much.”]



cassie c said...

I believe that making kids googlable may be unsafe. There are so many people out there that take the advantage of the use of the internet and use it in the wrong ways. Children should be supervised and taught the right information that they make available to other people out there. I know it's neat when you are bored and you decide to google your name and things about you actually come up, but it's a bit risky. Our portfolios that Mrs. Brace has helped us organize are very helpful when we go to future employers and I believe that they can be used as a substitute instead of putting things about yourself online.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, CassieC for commenting. The author isn't saying that we as educators should be encouraging students to post things about themselves rather saying just what you are...teach kids about responsible use because their digital footprint remains forever.