Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pat McGill Energizes Educators

Pat McGill started out this humorous and exciting session with stories of her own teaching experiences. Her positive energy spread throughout the room helping educators avoid negativity. One of her key points was that individuals motivate themselves; in education our job is to provide environments where the motivation occurs. Grow the gifts! Instead of thinking outside the box, she encouraged us to grow the box (story by Leo Buscaglia).

Leadership is the power of influence. Educators model, monitor, and mentor. Participants at the session then chose a psychometric shape. This shape indicated your personality traits.

Her five R's included being real, rural, ready, reachable, remarkable. She suggested we read the Four Agreements. And left us with lots of golden nuggets to reflect on!


gsteele said...

Pat advised us as educators to love our students when they are most unlovable and to remind ourselves that everyday we are making a difference.
The activity using five psycho-geometric shapes to illustrate our personality traits was a fun way to focus on similarities and differences. The visual nature and simplistic descriptors make it easy to use as a discussion starter when developing successful teams.

Anonymous said...

I would like to share the shapes and the "descriptions" of people that fit those shapes with our staff. Is this information available somewhere?