Monday, April 7, 2008

Power Up 2 Integrate Technology

Power Up 2 Integrate Technology
Kris Baldwin, Debbie O’Doan & Jackie Jessop Rising, TIE
Participants in this grant shared their experiences when they integrated Web 2.0 tools in their classrooms.
They said the most beneficial aspects included
Enough exposure to wikis, blogs, RSS feeds, and other tools to now feel comfortable using them.
1. Paticipating in online classes that focused on one particular tool.
2. Student centered classrooms motivate low achieving students and engaged them in learning.
3. Gaining confidence that they can create a unit that is meaningful and engaging.
4. Seeing detailed units that other area teachers are using.
5. Powerup project wiki at to access resources

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wendy said...

As one of the particpiants in this Power Up grant, I really felt blessed to have the chance to see what other people were doing in their classrooms through the lesson plans posted. It was great for ideas and motivation in my own classroom!